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Pink Collar Boxing

It's only two nights now until the launch of London's first ever gay boxing show.

Guest star Ricky ‘The Hammer’ Sinz will feature in the show (a muscle-bound sex show artist who previously served with the US military in Iraq) which will be held in The Scala at King’s Cross. As well as featuring some fine muscle men in the ring and drag queens cheering on the perimeters, there will be DJ sets and a club night afterwards. One insider told us that Evan Davis will be attending – what more can you ask of a Friday night?

Ring trainer turned Pink Collar chief Dermot Mannion has been training up gay boxers especially for the night, including several of the scene's media personalities such as Gaydar Radio's Scott Roberts and Pat Cash of QX mag.

Dermot himself was a key organiser of the original White Collar boxing event. Like most uber-masculine pursuits, boxing has always had a strong homoerotic streak to it and elements of homosexuality pumping through the veins of its history, and so it was his idea to kick-off an openly gay forward-thinking spin-off event for the gay community.

Scott Roberts off Gaydar Radio spoke to GT about his forthcoming fight on Friday: “I’m so excited. I’ve only been training since January, but boxing is such a brilliant sport, I really hope more gay guys get into it in the run-up to the Olympics. It’s not as scary as people think, and it’s certainly safer than sports like rugby”

Dermot’s ultimate goal is to organise an event in which his new Pink Collar boys take on the White Collar fisty-cufflinks of Canary Wharf. White Collar Boxing has been going for years, a clique of high flying bankers who build up a sweat together after work, the craze enjoyed a boost in popularity thanks to gay writer Chuck Palahniuk’s modern classic Fight Club starring Brad Pitt.

He told GT “I’ve organised White Collar events that have been attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton in the past. It’ll be really good to see Pink Collar boxing take off too. I’m available to train anyone who on any level who would like to get involved, the shows themselves will be once every four months”.

Get yourself down to the ringside this Friday!

(Tickets are still available here if you're quick, or if you prefer cutting and pasting.)

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