Dylan Jones

Sweet Serbs

The music video for twinky Milan Stankovic’s Fejs

We think Milan Stankovic’s quite sweet really. He was Serbia’s entry at Eurovision last year, where he jigged around a lot and smiled at the wrong parts of the song. He’s got nice twinky blonde hair and an odd and slightly 90’s fashion sense. But we feel sorry for him because he’s from a landlocked country, which means he can’t go to the beach or engage in watersports.

We also quite like his video for recent single Fejs. It’s quite techno, which is always nice, and we like his lilting Balkan tones. And there’s chrome in it, and gays (or as a friend’s well-meaning and strangely attractive father once put it “your lot”) are supposed to like chrome. Not sure quite why. I suppose for the same reason we like window treatments, high fashion, picnic baskets, Siamese cats, Mojitos and olive tapenade.

p.s. we have those jeans, they were £15 in the New Look sale last Summer.

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