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GT Scene: We finally made it to SALLA

Our new favourite alternative gay pop night

And by alternative, we don't mean endless airings of The Smiths. We mean the kind of music that you won't hear anywhere else, under the broad umbrella of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music. There is one other small incentive to go... Mediterranean and Middle Eastern men, who in our experience are generally quite hairy and quite handsome.

Though we didn't understand a word of the song lyrics, there is something quite liberating about dancing in a hot crowd of people who suddenly start shouting, clapping or belly dancing. There was certainly less of the what's-she-wearing-staring that happens around Old Compton Street.

And you will recognise the odd tune, loving the original version of this Turkish song that Holly Vallance anglicised.

It's every second friday at Escape (which is one of those venues that we never think of going to, but always end up having a really good time in) in Soho, having moved from The Oak Bar where we kept missing it. or they have a facebook group.

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