Attention all London theatre gays

There’s a new musical in town.

It’s called Thrill Me.

We saw it last night, sat next to Jason Gardiner, and have decided that you should all definitely go straight out and buy tickets. Here’s why:

The story follows two wealthy American teenagers - both of whom are particularly easy on the eye - and the twisted relationship that evolves between them as they relentlessly search for the ultimate thrill.

Over the course of a remarkably swift hour and a half, the boys concoct a series of increasingly daring crimes; from arson, to theft, to a chillingly cold-blooded murder. Doubtless this is serious stuff, but it is handled beautifully by all involved. And a big thank you to the director for not making any sort of fuss about the characters being gay. Makes a welcome change from the usual stereotypes.

The theatre space is small, without any elaborate bells and whistles, which highlights the outstanding talent of the two leading performers, George Maguire and Jye Frasca. They’re a perfect match for one another and we’d be lying if we said their vocals didn’t make us feel a little bit giddy at times.

There’s no question about it, 1920s Chicago hasn’t been this sexy since, well, Chicago.

So take our advice and give yourself a break from all the sickeningly upbeat family-friendly fun currently inundating the West End. We certainly left feeling suitably thrilled.

Oh, and for goodness sake, somebody give their pianist an award. Underscoring the entire production can’t be easy.

Five big gay stars.

Thrill Me has since transferred to the Charing Cross Theatre and will run between 17 May - 11 June 2011.

Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story, by Stephen Dolginoff

Presented by Climar Productions, until 30 April at the Tristan Bates Theatre, London

Information and tickets

Words: Stu Hurford

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