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Wolfette - Waiting For The Explosion

Another female waiting in line for pop stardom.

There is quite a queue, and she's definitely stood on the scruffier indie side, but don't be fooled, it's a pop track. Waiting For The Explosion - we think it's a bit less euphemistic than Britney 'Slip It Inside Me' Spears, but you never know...

It's got one of those beefy baselines that appear on 70% of all remixes on hype machine and it's getting quite confusing to keep up with all these popstars, so here is a simple formula:

Ladyhawke + Dragonette + Oh Land's new song title = Wolfette.

*tries not to make meerkat reference*


Firework is STILL being played in the office, like it's the Only Song (In The World).

We are beginning to warm - via heavy gym playlist rotation - immensely to Alexis Jordan.

Paris Hilton needs to do another album, ours is worn out.

Woman E's song has drawn us to the conclusion that we should probably go and see them live and work out if they're worth an intro piece and if we fancy the man with the shaved head (statistically: likely).

Annoyance with Spotify ads is making £4.99 a month seem like quite a reasonable compromise.

Nicole Scherzinger-zag-ah's schtick doesn't get any worse the more you listen to it.

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