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The Gee Spot 01.04.2011

The tune for the day is Beautiful Liar by Beyonce and Shakira. I know someone who worked on the shoot for this video and I was told that Beyonce was there hours before the filming to get all dolled up whilst Shakira turned up five minutes before, hung-over with a burrito in hand – and she still looks fierce… love it!

So it’s April already (oh yeah, the title – April Fool!) and the lovely Tory Democrats have just announced the budget. I’m not happy at all as my fags have gone up to over £7 a pack (bastards)! On the up side, Prowler Stores around the country have today introduced their monthly Price Crunch. Basically each month they reduce the price on selected items around the store. To find your nearest one, check out

While you’re in the store, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now pick up a copy of Falcon’s Fleet Week 2 on DVD. I’ve been plugging this film for months, as it is the best Falcon release in ages. The men are hot, the sex is amazing and it’s set in my favourite city in the world, San Francisco. Check out Cliff Jenson in a sailor’s uniform as he fucks… phwarr!

This is the penultimate Gee Spot ever as I leave the company next Friday. So, I am continuing to look back at my favourite sexessories ever.

Former Falcon Director Steven Scarborough started Hot House Entertainment in the early 1990s. Since then, the studio has become a world leader, producing high quality gay porn with simply the hottest men in the world. Kyle King (pictured above) is my ultimate favourite, and I was lucky enough to bump and grind with him a few years ago when he was in London. (Oh yes I did bitches!) The best films with Kyle in are Reckless 2 where Kyle and Cameron Marshal screw each other in a filthy warehouse and Major Asshole – he looks so hot in an army uniform!

Newer to the porn market are UKNakedMen. The studio spends a lot of time and money on creating perfect mini movies for each scene. The models are stunning and the sex is intense. Thrall Enslaved is one of the best films ever made; burglars breaking in to houses and seducing the inhabitants and an amazing bondage scene included forced smoke and spanking.

Last week I told you how good Cadinot films are – well is doing an offer thoughout April where when you buy one film you get one free. Take a look at the site for all the details and all the cock you could be downloading.

The first piece of fetish gear I ever bough was a full body, rubber harness. I was 19 years old and I had saved up for 3 months to buy it. I still have it now and is still in perfect condition 12 years later. (It doesn’t fit me anymore of course though!)

Speaking of becoming a bear, I’m planning to go to XXL on Saturday with my housemate Jon and David from the office. (David will be taking my blog spot once I’ve left. You may remember him from Fetish Week last year – if you look at the picture on this blog you see me, then David, Javier and finally Jon.) I’ve not been to XXL in ages so am looking forward to having a fun night out. I bought a new tank top from prowler especially for the occasion. I’ve not worn a tank top in years as my nickname for a while was Terry Tank Top and felt like I should’ve been an animated train controlled by a fat man in a tight fitting suit; there’s an image to steer you into your weekend. Have a sexy and safe one!

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