Dylan Jones

Sex, drugs and erm, more sex.

We recently stumbled across the trailer for sex-fuelled surrealist indie film Kaboom.

It’s a little bit Donnie Darko on Viagra, although regrettably sans a youthful and charmingly insane Jake Gyllenhaal. It also has the kudos of obtaining Cannes’ first ever Queer Palm for its contribution to LGBT culture, so it must be good.

From what we can gather, its storyline consists of the almost unfairly beautiful Thomas Dekker having lots of fun at art school being indie and wearing alternative wristbands and having sex with lots of equally unfairly beautiful fellow students of various genders. Our favourite is the dirty-blonde “I hope you don’t mind but I sleep naked” Thor. Yes, Thor. Mills and Boon/Prowler TV/DC Comics Thor. He even wears a shark tooth pendant and says “dude” a lot.

But of course this pansexual paradise doesn’t last, and soon people in pig masks start appearing everywhere and there’s lots of strobe lighting and dubstep and flatteringly placed minor injuries and everyone starts hyperventilating and it’s all very phallic and exciting. It makes us want to do things like cover ourselves in paint and have angry sex with musclebound youths, or wear shirts made of hemp, or cry whilst eating raw eggs.

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