Dylan Jones

Travelocity Ad

Sooner or later someone was bound to make an innuendo-laden commercial about gay air stewards.

Right so we’ve just stumbled across this in the limitless and inane bowels of the internet. It reminds us of when we, for some reason, went to Tampa in Florida a while ago and a decidedly plucked, orange-hued youth set down a pre-processed slice of something that looked vaguely like chocolate cake on our airline tray with the proclamation that it was “like, totally delicious but soooo dangerous!” *giggle, fringe flip*

Our favourite is Jorg, who is seemingly from an indeterminate Northern European country and who “services hard”.

There’s a surprising wealth of gay airline crudity flying around actually. We loved it when the gay one from Scooch’s bit in their Eurovision song when he said “would you like something to suck on for landing, sir?” Plus the unbelievably eloquent and subtle Pam Ann. We’re not sure what we think of her to be honest*, although we’re impressed she manages to say “asparagus”, “bears”, and “fisting” in the first 20 seconds.

*office opinion = we j'adore.

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