Dylan Jones

Cazwell – Get My Money Back

No, with new single Get My Money Back, gay rapper Cazwell isn’t joining the half million Brits who marched on Saturday in making a statement about cuts to public service sectors.

Actually he probably doesn’t know what the words “coalition government” mean, and “hung parliament” might give him the wrong idea.

As far as we can deduce from the lyrics, he is expressing chagrin at the fact that an attractive youth to whom he endowed a small amount of currency which he was entrusted to exchange for an alcoholic beverage or two, instead handed it to the disc jockey. Or rather, “Y’all so stupid, put it in the backpack of some cute kid, who gave it to the DJ, to just reboot it.”

The video’s good though, we’re never ones to say no to a bit of bare torsoed sleaze. Actually we’re probably being very unfair to Cazwell here, there’s probably some deep political meaning on the objectification of the male body that we’re missing out on. Or maybe not. There’s a definite trailer park chic element, what with all the beer and chain link fences and cut-off shorts [insert fantasy relating to dim-witted but bemuscled mid-American wearing solely dungarees with a brainless and masculine job like bricklaying or something, or maybe even just “mucking out the woodshed”].

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