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The Gee Spot 25.03.2011

Before we start: Today’s tune of the day is Behind the Mask from Michael Jackson. It’s from the latest album released after he died (obviously recorded before, it’s not Thriller) and is a really good song. I think you’ll like.

I am moving on to pastures new in a few weeks, so there will only be three more Gee Spots until I finish. Don’t worry though, the blog will be renamed (can’t really keep using my name when I’m not here) and rebranded by someone just as porn and sex obsessed as me to keep you up to date with your Friday sex gossip.

For my final three blogs, I have decided to talk about my all time favourite porn films. In my time here I have seen more than 500 full length R18 DVDs and have seen many more at home since the age of 16. (Yes mother, I had the videos stashed in a hidden place!) So I have quite a few favourites.

Kristen Bjorn was one of the first studios I ever saw. I was instantly attracted to the fit beyond belief men, huge cocks and elaborate fuck scenes… seriously, how many cocks do you want in your arse at one time? All of Kristen Bjorn’s films are incredible, they all last around three hours each and the sex is better sculptured than any other studio in the world. If you can find a copy of Skin Deep Part 2 lying around anywhere, buy it and you’ll understand why I praise this guy so much.

Also harking back to my teen-hood are the Cadinot films. (Pictured above.) Jean Daniel Cadinot died a few years ago after making three decades of super hot porn. His films usually focus on sexy, young, boy-next-door types who are always on the hunt for cock. The storylines are so clever and so involving that they make the films even more realistic and horny – something that not many studios have ever been able to duplicate. The DVDs have never been available in the UK, but you can now stream and download the films from I recommend Harem for your first viewing. It’s brilliant.

As avid readers of my column will know, I love fetish. I own nearly everything a guy could ever want or need, but the things I use the most are my leather chaps and rubber waders from Expectations, my rim seat from The Hog Works and my leather wrist wallet from Prowler. As far as toys go, the best thing I’ve ever used is the Naughty Boy Prostate Massager. It may look small, but creates the most intense orgasmic experience ever. Everyone should own one.

Tonight I’m heading to The Black Cap for a few drinks for my mate Lee’s birthday. I’ve not got much money as it’s the end of the month, but a couple of drinks and a snog with a sexy guy will keep me happy… until tomorrow night that is.

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