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Nintendo 3DS Launch Party. Parade popped, Hadouken rocked and Plan B did that boy-Winehouse thing he does

And we posed with some 'real life' actors dressed as Street Fighters.

Sadly, phone issues mean we can't share that latter treat. It was a hardcore night of celebrity spotting and name dropping, so we took notes. Unfortunately, we left our video camera at home but luckily The Daily Record was on hand to record this:


Moments after Tinchy Stryder did that interview we accidentally barged through one of his handshakes. Oops.

Apart from people in the above video, we saw Reggie Yates, a bear who looked like Jack Osbourne, someone who looked like violinist David Garrett but on closer inspection clearly wasn't, someone from Loose Women who we see in Kentish Town, some Dancing reality judge and openly gay openly retired openly rugby playing star Gareth Thomas.

We stood next to Samantha Janus at one point, who was very loudly talking about cum faces. Amazing.

We recognised some boy from a band we cannot remember at all, apart from the fact they had a song called My Dunks and Popjustice loved them for a week a few years ago.

There were three boys from Blue there. Duncan, Simon and Anthony. The toilet situation seemed in hand.

Oh and finally of course, the new Nintendo 3DS. We had a play on them, and they are infact 3D without the glasses. Though after a few glasses, they make your head spin. We particularly liked the pet games and the one where you can make an evil mini-me version of yourself. Tech reporting at it's best, we're sure you'll agree.

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