Dylan Jones

Simon Curtis - an Electro Extravaganza

Singer of growing internet fame Simon Curtis is a little like a Robyn/Mika hybrid...

Fairly promising so far then. He’s very sweet actually, we want to sit him on the sofa and give him milky tea and custard creams. We can even forgive him those bloody lenseless specs he insists on wearing. His most successful single, having enjoyed several thousand Youtube hits, is very 29 degree sunshine, iced coffee, linen shorts.

And soon he’s leaving his silicon-stuffed homeland of L.A. to gig in a place where aforementioned lenseless specs will be able to run wild and play with their friends – North London’s Old Street. EQ (that’s Electro Queer to you and me) are holding a night dedicated for budding internet artists, who, unsurprisingly, are electro and queer (or queer friendly. who's counting?)

There’ll be live shows from Simon and his peers Andrea Lewis and Ro Danishei, along with the usual dose of Archers and lemonade, questionable dancing and probably a lot of people who say things like “I’m self-consciously ironic” or “chairs are so mainstream”.

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