Dylan Jones

She just wants to be an ordinary pop star

The next Rebecca Black

Unless you’re slightly out of touch, or a first generation Amazonian tribesperson, you’ll no doubt have at some point experienced Rebecca Black’s “Friday”; Youtube’s latest sickeningly cutesy and, sadly for her, not even ironic viral music video. Yes, she’s only ten or something and we shouldn’t be mean but “gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal”? Come on.

There’s an intriguingly sick showbiz mom backstory to all this though. Apparently the unprecedented production value of “Friday” is down to a specialist company who, for a small fee, transform the little Happy Meal consuming capitalist sons and daughters of America’s doctors and lawyers and business executives into young would-be pop stars. We watched their latest one with horrified fascination earlier.

She’s called CJ Fam. We don’t know what “CJ Fam” means, maybe it’s her Bebo screen name, or the sort code on the back of her Tamagotchi. She looks a bit more enthusiastic than Rebecca Black though, who to be honest looks a little bit dead behind the eyes. Our favourite bit of CJ Fam’s Ordinary Pop Star is when she and her friend are “spotted” by the “paparazzi” (followed home by an out of work film extra clutching one of those mini digital cameras you can get at Curry’s for thirty quid). We also like her blonde ringlets/velour/aviators combo. Very SJP circa 1995.

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