Dylan Jones

Bichon frises and men in pants

A very French take on la musique

The shaggy haired, charmingly unshaven Julien Doré was churned out by the French music scene a few years ago with his appearance on the Franco equivalent to The X Factor, Nouvelle Star. He’s bizarre and intense and he’s just so French. Almost annoyingly French actually. We can imagine having a whirlwind affair with him in an arty arrondisement of Paris, involving lots of cigarettes and espressos and ménage-a-trois and smashing of crockery and tears and an apartment on the left bank with a balcony and muslin curtains and a view of the Eiffel Tower (actually it’d probably be impossible for an apartment on the left bank to have a view of the Eiffel Tower but who cares). Apparently his great-great-great uncle was Gustave Doré, renowned 19th century artist. Oh of course he bloody was *sobs, hurls croissant*

Anyway his new video is très chic and undeniably homosexuelle. There are men in underwear, which is always fun, and for some reason, several bichon frises (you know, those white fluffy yappy rat dogs that women over the age of sixty always seem to have porcelain statuettes of).

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