The Gee Spot 18.03.2011

Soundtrack of the day is Need to Feel Loved by Reflekt. It’s a beautiful track that should get you into that Friday feeling.

Pants! That’s where we’re starting today. I never knew how important underwear was until I started working here. Before, it was a ‘three for a tenner’ pack from Top Man. Then you realise you really do get what you pay for. I’ve been here three years and my Diesel and Calvins are still looking great. The new range to hit the stores is BlueBuck; not only do they look great but they are made with top grade organic cotton (so no chemicals) and are designed specifically for the everyday strains we men put our knickers through. And you look hot in them… just look at the model wearing them – hot! (Just don’t look too closely at his shrine to female divas tattooed onto his arm… I did warn you!)

Speaking of hot; I really do love black men. This is not exclusive to black men of course, race isn’t an issue for me if I like the guy – but there’s just something alluring about big, black guys that can instantly turn me on. Tank for example (pictured above) is one of the models for Real Urban Men. He has a ridiculously large cock, build like a brick shit house and fucks with real passion. Working in the world of porn, I also know he’s versatile in real life and loves getting cock as much as giving it… and this is why I swoon every time I see him. He’s in the brand new film Hardcore in Harlem which is released today on R18 DVD.

But if you can’t make it to a sex shop this weekend you can still view the whole film online at Or for a vintage treat, take a look at these black guys fucking a hot, white twink in Cadinot’s Harem. It’s still one of my favouite porn films.

And if you’re on the prowl for hot men this weekend, then get yourself down to MegaWoof on Saturday night. You’ll remember how much I enjoyed it last month and am hoping for a similarly awesome night again tomorrow. I have reserved a section of the stage for me to dance topless on and maybe snog a few hot guys. It’s called Hardware for guys to Pump n Grind… Here’s hoping!

It’s only a month until Easter and as always, one of Europe’s biggest fetish events will be happening in Berlin. If you haven’t already booked, you can still get cheap flights and as are sponsoring, you can buy all your event tickets from their site. You can get all your fetish clothes from Expectations; just take a look a their hot leather gear.

Well, my shag for the night just canceled on me, so it’s the back up plan of The Sound of Music with my housemate Jon… Doh a dear!

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