Dylan Jones

“I’ll strap one on and you can let us ladies in”

Sound advice from Jackie Q

Does anyone remember the Girls Aloud video for Can’t Speak French, where they all dressed up in renaissance France attire and pouted and strutted around on a classy checked tile floor? Well this is just like that, except it’s about the benefits of anal sex rather than a limited proficiency at Latinate languages. It’s an excerpt from Russell Brand’s latest creation, Get Him To The Greek. Actually Russell seems oddly in touch with gay culture. He enjoys that skinny jeans/boots combo that seems to have become customary attire for the homosexually inclined lately. Also, in Forgetting Sarah Marshall he mentions rimming. Call us conservative, we’re not sure if we want straight people to know what rimming is. It’s all well and good, but we’d like to keep it for ourselves thank you very much.

Anyway in this sadly fictional music video the sadly fictional and oddly Lily Allen-esque Jackie Q says of *clears throat* being a giver; “a lot of folks have said that this act is just for men, but to them I say I’ll strap one on and you can let us ladies in.”
Now this we approve of. We’ve always felt the need to let straight men know what they’re missing out on in that area, and Jackie Q’s summed it up in one high-kicking, pelvis-thrusting line. Anyway the most concerning thing about all this is that we absolutely love it and we want it on our iPods.

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