Dylan Jones

Don’t be a drag, just be a drag queen

The inevitable Born This Way Parody

I suppose a drag queen parody of Born This Way was inevitable when you think about it. Let’s be honest, Gaga is basically asking for it with her pink triangles and her unicorns and her weapon-producing sex organs. Surely, as drag queen parodies go, this is gold dust. And the great responsibility falls on the padded shoulders of the precociously pouty Sherry Vine. It’s all very silly, and there’s ambitiously over applied lipstick galore, and a bizarrely puerile and masculine burrito/fart joke routine. We’re quite fond of drag queens though, generally, so we’ll that one pass.

Anyway she more than redeems herself by saying “I’m a whore for pay” instead of “I was born this way”. Then lots of lovely lascivious ludeness ensues, of the nature that would give the world’s right wing nutjobs plenty of cannon fodder if they felt the need to nail the gay community (here Sherry Viney would probably make a joke relating the word “nail” to rough and doubtless public toilet-orientated anal sex). Don’t worry though, it’s all “ironic”.

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