Warming up your libido

The Gee Spot 11.03.2011

It may be overcast today, but you can really notice the increase in temperature. Not just from being able to walk outside with your jacket open, but also how everybody seems to be on heat at the moment. Asking around what people are doing this weekend everyone has said sex… in fact; one person in the office popped out for a shag in his lunch break. (Mentioning no names… dirty bitch!)

So if you’re like the horny gays in our office, here are some ways for you to relieve yourself over the coming week.

Staying in is the new going out and if you can’t be arsed dragging yourself onto the scene, there are two huge releases just out on DVD. The infamous Kristen Bjorn is known for his epic 3-hour films, gorgeous muscled guys and incredible fuck sessions. So make sure you pick up the new Triple Pack featuring three of his best, full-length films: Love Addiction, Action Part 1 and Action Part 2. And Pedro Andreas is in all three (pictured above) so that’s enough reason to buy this special edition box set.

And if you can’t even be arse getting out of your bedroom, then has tons of porn for you to download. They have everything you could ever want from hot, skinny twinks to big, hairy bears. (And everything in-between.)

If your loins need more attention than your own hand, Rut is a strict leather and rubber club night and has just moved from Vauxhall to Angel in north London. Tonight is the first night at the new venue and is bound to be full of horny boys in full fetish gear. And carrying on with the fetish theme, The Eagle in Manchester is holding Hell Bent tonight. I’ve not been yet, but have been told by friends up there that it’s a great night out.

Failing all the fetish stuff, just get yourself down to the local gay bar and then fall into a sauna in the early hours of the morning. Mind you, the one and only time I went to a gay sauna, I met this obsessive guy who said he’d fallen in love with me after only a few hours together. I know I’m good, but please!

Speaking of obsessive, I found this youtube clip whilst surfing the net the other day. There’s a guy that has covered himself in tattoos of Julia Roberts. Now that is obsessive!

I posted the question “Madonna or Kylie” on Facebook this week (yep, sex and divas – it’s all we talk about!) and have concluded that once Madonna was deservedly the Queen of Pop but after her failures of her most recent albums, Kylie has stepped up to the thrown. So, as a tribute to the former Queen of Pop – you just have to see this amazing youtube megamix.

I have a date this evening, well I say date – he has been with his boyfriend for 5 years and so there’s no chance of us ever getting together, but we are meeting for a few drinks before heading back to mine. I’ve known him a while and he’s seriously hot but not arrogant with it, which I like. He’s asked me to pick up some toys (for him though, he’s a total sub) so found these bendy beads that I’m sure will cause enough pleasure and pain to amuse us both. Oh, the life of a promiscuous gay man.

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