Dylan Jones

Teenage Kicks

An interesting take on the education system.

Does everyone remember school? Repressed sexuality, standing freezing Wednesday afternoons watching bipedal gorillas kick a ball around, affectionate dinner ladies. Oh and who could forget the stocking suspenders, cocaine orgies and crucifixes. Well, according to Belgian band Waxdolls anyway.

This video is so like a cheaply produced porn film we’re expecting Brent Corrigan to pop out from behind the blackboard and get on all fours on the desk. That’s not a criticism obviously, if anything it might be praise. Anyway we’re quite disturbed by it all, but we love the dirty underground beat à la that-house-party-we-went-to-in-North-London-where-someone-apparently-ate-one-of-the-pet-stick-insects-but-we-can’t-remember-because-we-had-too-much-Tesco-Value-vodka.

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