Dylan Jones

Eurovision already hotting up

Viva La Diva (take two)

Right so Eurovision is still weeks away but we’re already getting quite excited and trawling through cyberspace as entries for each country start to emerge. So far we’ve established Denmark’s putting forward some sort of quasi-indie bad whose lead singer takes hair styling tips from pineapples, Ireland’s got Jedward and we, in the already fast dwindling hope of not coming last (again) have for once opted for someone a select few might have heard of in the form of Blue. Which is OK actually because it gives us an excuse to look at pictures of Simon Webbe again, and that other one with spiky hair is out as bisexual now, so that’s nice. We’ve forgotten who the other two are. Oh well. Who cares, really.

Anyway, we’re most excited about Israel’s transgender diva, Dana International. Really for no other reason than that she’s just fucking fabulous. She even does that flicky thing with her wrists while engaging in her well-practised totter, which sends all our stereotypical strong woman idolisation into clapping, giggling hyperdrive. Here’s a single of hers from a while ago, Love Boy (we think she got the idea for the title from a product sold in the adult section of the Prowler store).

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