The hypnotherapy worked!

The Gee Spot 04.03.2011

As regular readers will be aware of, I had hypnotherapy a few weeks ago for me to be able to take cock up my arse. Well, I went to Brussels last week for a sex date and got fucked for the first time in 8 years. It still hurt but not as much as it used to and have been using toys since I got back to make sure my arse muscles don’t revert back to their old, naughty selves!

I bought a seven-inch dildo when I got back but even though the guy I took was bigger, I found it a bit too hard. So I went back to my Rudeboi. I’ve had it ages but have not really used it until now. So, an hour later, what an orgasm! My arse hurts today though… is it meant to do that?

I was wanking off to Real Urban Men’s films, fuck I love Tank. Seeing his massive black cock sink into an arse is as close to perfect as you’re gonna get. There’s a great film out this week directed by Chi Chi LaRue. Frat Boy Fuck Down brings together seasoned professionals with some young, hot college jocks. But regardless of how hot they are, I still get a hard on watching Johnny Hazzard perform. (Pictured above.) Also, all Prowler stores across the country have a huge sale on their DVDs with titles from as little as £9.99 – so when you’re out getting the latest releases, take a look at the reduced section. There’s some great titles going for cheap.

The discs came in today from the new EuroBOY film we are producing. I co-wrote the script for the film and it’s kinda cool watching my words being acted out… maybe acted is too strong a word, but they don’t do a bad job for young lads who are basically there to screw on screen. All the lads are dressed in school uniform for most of the film too. The film is being edited together next week and will be out on DVD next month… Don’t worry, I’ll let you know the date as soon as I know it.

Also out next month is the third film from the popular Head Hunters series. Hot House models, dressed in suits and fucking in the open offices… believe me, this is one you don’t want to miss. In the meantime, the first two films Head Hunters One and Head Hunters Two are on now, so you can check them out before the new one is released.

Brussels last weekend was amazing. The guys were hot, the playroom extensive and the sex incredible. But the amount of comments I had from people worried for my life in case I was murdered. I told the guys over there this to which they laughed and explained that everyone in Europe travels from country to country for sex, dates and meeting up with friends, but we in the UK are still stuck in the idea that we are trapped on our island and can’t do that. But we can. It took me two hours to get to Brussels on one train. If you book in advance, tickets are around £59 return on Eurostar and I spent £20 the whole weekend. I do hope we can adopt the European way of thinking and start traveling more, there’s a whole world out there and loads more men waiting to be discovered… and cock!

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