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There’s nothing better than a bit of sexually loaded cultural stereotyping to warm the cockles on a cold March day

Ridiculously fucking cold actually, Arctic in fact, this is what we get for living on what is essentially a rock in the Atlantic Ocean. Why do all the lovely sun baked deserts have to be full of poverty and ingrained homophobia? Anyway hailing from the less temperate climes of Australia, this creation by 90’s sketch show Fast Forward warmed us up. Actually it did more than warm us up, after two minutes and seventeen seconds in Inge from Sweden’s hot tub, we had laughed with mirth and cried with even more mirth. It’s crude and ridiculous, and there’s inappropriate grinning and hair flips and oh, you know how we love our Eurotrash. Not long after watching we had ensured impending virility for the lovely Inge by circulating her through every medium of social networking at our fingertips. And the GT website. For some reason our favourite bit is “we will be having lots of games and competitions. Maybe deck tennis, and some coitus in the studio”.

Web Editor Says: It's JANE TURNER from KATH AND KIM. Lose 5 gay points.

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