Dylan Jones

King Of Queens

Jeffree Star's frighteningly successful foray into music

I suppose you could say Jeffree Star is the king of drag queens, with a wonderfully bitchy persona to match. We had the pleasure of meeting Mr Star at a gig in an inescapably seedy club where, star struck and tequila-fuelled, we stammeringly proclaimed our love for his numerous tattoos. His response; "Thanks bitch, I hate your twinky little t-shirt." Notorious in the screamo/electro/trash pop/drag queen skank circles of the music industry, his hits include Plastic Surgery Isn't That Bad, Eyelash Curlers And Butcher Knives, and of course who could forget that sensual, emotionally bare ballad about love, relationships and tenderness, We Want C**T. Particularly on his latest album Beauty Killer, also the name of it's first single, he expresses an interesting take on celebrity and popular culture, claiming "it's not my fault the Jonas brothers all take turns fucking me" and "I sucked off Kanye West now I'm one of the bros." We're not sure if this is true or not. We're not sure whether we want it to be true or not. We're also not sure why sucking off Kanye West constitutes being a "bro." What we are sure of though, is that there's a viral video on Youtube of him dying his dog pink, so that's fun.

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