GTea Break

Ultraviolet Sound

Hold on to your megamix...

The music video for pop-electro duo Ultraviolet Sound's new megamix might be the gayest thing we've ever seen*. The only thing that could top it would be Lady Gaga wearing a rainbow flag cape. Dancing to Donna Summer. While drinking a Cosmopolitan. And watching reruns of Golden Girls. Anyway either way, we absolutely love UVS' latest creation, both aurally and visually. The trash slash synths and heavy bass have a more than subtle hint of clubland eurotrash about them (in the best way possible, "eurotrash" and "clubland" are our favourite words) and the video - my god, the video. If one of them isn't bursting out of a giant black wedding cake dressed as a driad, then the other one's busy adjusting his fringe and touching up his eyeliner in a satisfyingly seedy underground hive of debauchery. Having toured with the likes of Lady Gaga, Robyn and Katy Perry, Ultraviolet Sound are no strangers to success, and this is set to be no exception.


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