Traveling to Belgium for sex… can I take it?

The Gee Spot 25.02.2011

I ended up in MegaWoof at Fire last Saturday and I really loved it. There were a big group of us and I spent most of the night dancing topless (well, with bracers on) on the podium. I had no sex but got a lot of positive attention and a few phone numbers from some hot guys – at one point I was in the middle of the dance floor, blindfolded and being felt up by a group of guys - that was hot. I was still smiling about it when I woke up the next afternoon. I love impromptu nights like that – and it proved to me that you don’t always need sex to fill the void and to feel wanted. I did of course go home and wank until my cock was sore!

The new MenAtPlay film, Hustlers has just been released and it is SO amazing. Every scene is like a mini-movie and the men are so fucking hot, I guarantee you will blow a load to every scene. My number one man is also in this film and anything with Pedro Andreas (pictured above) is worth a look. Also out on DVD this week is The Dude Show Part 2. Hot House has really gone all out with this new “Big Brother” style series. Kyle King gets my vote every time and he’s looking sexy as fuck in this film – along with a cast of other hot muscled guys expertly using their huge dicks to give us pleasure… love it!

And if you need a muscle fix like now (!!) and want to see some more of Pedro Andreas (who could blame you) then get on to and check out this Alphamale film.

I’m going to Brussels this weekend… for a shag! Yes I know, a long way to travel, but I’ve been chatting to this guy online for a few years now, and after a few failed attempts at meeting up in London I’m going to see him via Eurostar. OK, so I’ve never met the guy and only spoken on the phone to him once but I’m sure he’s not a psycho. I’m only there for three days anyway and just plan to be playing at his house the whole time. I’m having to take a suitcase with me for all the fetish gear I’ll need; rubber shirt , waders and rubber shorts from Expectations, gym shorts for walking around the house in the morning and I’m buying this vibrating cock ring from Prowler ‘cause it looks fun… oh and of course - don’t forget the lube! I was going to be taking my new leather pants with me but they’re being custom-made from The Hog Works, so I’ll have to wait to play in them – they look really hot, can’t wait to be trolling the fetish scene in them.

I’ve got enough condoms to drown a congregation of right-wing Catholics so I doubt I’ll be running out of those this weekend. But after my hypnotherapy last week – who knows? If the therapy did work, this will be the first time I get fucked since 2003. I really do hope it’s worked; I would love to be versatile again. You’ll find out in next week’s blog. I’ll also be sending a bunch of flowers to the therapist and picture texts to all my friends of the happy event… you know it’s coming bitches!

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