Dylan Jones

Gay icon of the century


As soon as we saw Youtuber Glozell lamenting on how she hoped her boyfriend liked her weave because "I haff dyed it wid Koolaid", all Lady Gaga idolisation went out of the window. Glozell's just made a video appealing for Ricky Martin to turn for her "because I know how you gays like us big black women" (but our favourite part of this is still the wig in the background, and the fact that she uses "leprechauns and fairies" as a euphamism for lesbian and gay).

There's one Glozell moment that tops all, Koolaid weaves, anguished Ricky Martin wooing, wigs and all; she gives us her stance on gay adoption, in the form of vowing to create her own organisation, BAG (Blacks Adopting Gays). Apparently the fact that gays get to adopt blacks but blacks don't get to adopt gays is "unfair". She concludes with a wonderful but simultaneously bizarrely ominous exiting line; "so see you at the musicals".

Sorry but gay icon-wise, it is impossible to top this. Well actually, if whoever Cher's plastic surgeon is managed to stitch Judy Garland back to life and she did a duet with Lady Gaga then maybe. MAYBE. But actually now we're just getting excited because we're imagining Glozell as Dorothy, patting her weave and telling the Wicked Witch Of The West that she a nasty-ass bitch.

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