Dylan Jones

Which one would U Kiss? -

Camp K-pop

So apparently Adam Lambert cloned himself a few times and got several dozen tribal tattoos. Oh no sorry, it's just K-pop. Either way, East Asian boyband U-Kiss are tantalisingly twinky (actually sorry about that, this may be a gay blog that's too much. Alliteration's lovely but "tantalisingly twinky"? Come on.) Anyway by the looks of it U-Kiss like shopping at All Saints or that brand spanking new, slightly daunting section of Topman full of studded neck collars and t-shirts that unzip and big silver pendants of things that are all brooding and gothic, like wolves or bats or bits of barbed wire. Anyway they're lovely and as a matter of fact they ARE rather tantalising. It's just a bit confusing when they start singing about girls. Not sure who they think they're fooling with that really.

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