Aiden would be Aladdin, Matt Cardle would be Jasmine

...and other such nonsense.

You may have heard (especially if you've been following us on twitter these past few days) that we've got a new issue out. Hurrah. In fact, the official nationwide on-sale date is TODAY.

What you may not know however, is that our friends at Digital Spy also recorded an exclusive interview with this month's cover star, that's X Factor's Aiden (or @Mr_Grimshaw to all you twitter geeks) backstage at his photo-shoot.

Exciting stuff, eh? Anyway, here it is.

Now for the important bit: You can buy the new issue here, or download it here.

And while we're shamelessly indulging in a spot of self-promotion, you may as well follow us on facebook and twitter. Sometimes we give away free stuff to our fans. Just sayin'.

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