Dylan Jones

Take it to the bridge...

Old Dutch boyband alert: Lexington Bridge

5 minutes of fame Dutch band Lexington Bridge are a little bit outdated and in terms of musical ability they're not exactly earth-shattering. It also seems like they missed the memo saying it's no longer the 90's. They're quite tasty though. In fact, last summer I had the pleasure of meeting the one in blue (whose name is something monosyllabic that I've forgotten) in an Amsterdam gay bar. Called Prik. With pink walls. That had prosecco on tap. Anyway he bought me a drink and we engaged in a brief vaguely intoxicated tongue wrestle, which is always nice. Although, oddly, now I'm just bitter it wasn't the other one, the one in yellow, who's probably also called something monosyllabic that I wouldn't remember.

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