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Gay lord meets Time Lord at unholy o'clock

There's probably a few things you don't expect to see shortly after waking up on a Sunday morning. Mark Gatiss. Meera Syal. A bottle of wine. A cake in the shape of the TARDIS. Matt Smith. Rubber monsters.

Though for us these are all perfectly acceptable. In fact, we positively encourage it and don't bat an eyelid. But then we've all woken up to worse. But we digress. These are a few of the people (and objects) that we faced first thing in the small hours of the Lords day. And when we say that, we mean the TIME LORD'S DAY.

Yes, we dragged ourselves out of bed, threw the boyfriend out and made our way to Olympia 2 in London (despite Transport For London's best efforts to thwart this simple plan) for the launch of The Doctor Who Experience.

What's the Doctor Who Experience, we hear you cry… Well it's not quite the experience many of you probably want with the Time Lord. We've featured the current Doctor, Matt Smith, on our cover twice in the last year. Despite this, when we talked about his co-star Alex Kingston (Moll Flanders - LOVE. HER.) getting naked he accused of us reading too many heterosexual magazines. Well really. But then he told us he thought our jumper was cool, so we immediately forgave him. He told us that, of all the classic series monsters that make an appearance in the Doctor Who Experience, he'd like K1 to return in the new series. That's a little bit of nerdy geekness for you.

And speaking of being a geek, we actually went round the experience with Beautiful People's Meera Syal, which gave rise to the new expression: “In the event of an emergency, follow Meera Syal” - a mantra which should now be applied in all walks of life.

ANYWAY - the EXPERIENCE. It's part interactive, live adventure, part complete and utter fanboy nerd heaven. Errr, we mean exhibition. You can read a detailed review HERE but it's the coolest thing EVER when you step out of the TARDIS (having helped fly it moments before), walk down a traditional metallic corridor and find yourself in the middle of a Dalek war in space. SERIOUSLY COOL. We're not even PRETENDING to be aloof now, we're actually grabbing hold of the ever-present Digital Spy boys and screaming in their ears.

There's an exhibition once you've finished the 'ride' part of the experience, which includes numerous props, costumes and rebuilt sets. Standout moments include outfits worn by Catherine Tate, Billie Piper, Alex Kingston and Kylie Minogue. None of them would fit us. Well, maybe Catherine Tates.

If you're one of THOSE gays that likes Doctor Who then you'll love the Doctor Who Experience. After a few glasses of wine, fish finger and custard sandwiches and TARDIS cake we decided that they should open after hours and have a special event for (gay geek) Pride. Then we got a hangover at about 2pm and had to go and sit in the dark for a bit. No Daleks this time though. Actually that's not true, we watched Genesis of the Daleks when we got home. This has gotten too geeky now, hasn't it? Look, it can't be about topless people ALL THE TIME.

Matt Smith's topless in Christopher And His Kind. Still no sign of that though.

For details and tickets take a look at the official Doctor Who Experience website.

(And our friends at Digital Spy did a video)

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