Dylan Jones

Egregiously overlooked - Chloe

It is absolutely incomprehensible that Youtube user combine13's "Chloe" videos haven't enjoyed more cyberspace success.

Actually it's not really, they are utterly bizarre and not exactly what you'd call mainstream. They're the sort of thing a freelance blogger for a gay magazine would call "absolute fucking genius" but also the sort of thing a republican governor, for example, would call "deranged and tasteless". What completely makes "Chloe" is that there's simply no explanation as to why a man in drag with a lilting transatlantic accent is making what are essentially utterly senseless (but wonderfully adjective laden) commentaries on popular culture. We don't really understand either. But anyone who manages to say "flash tortured emu with mascarpone and lingenberry preserve" with a straight face, gets a huge amount of respect in our book.

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