Dylan Jones

Disney Debauchery

Single Ladies

So apparently it's the latest trend for celebrities of dubious sexuality to upload videos of themselves dancing to Single Ladies. Although, as young Disney clone Joe Jonas selflessly points out in this instance it's "for the fans". Right OK, whatever, if that makes you feel better. You'd think a leotard in a flatteringly slimming black would be enough, but there are heels too. Golly gosh goodness, could the unsoiled name of Disney really be (vicariously) tied in with something so debauched? Is the eternally grinning veneer of sickeningly moral goodness starting to crack? What next, Tarzan in a leather sling in a dungeon in Vauxhall instead of a hammock in the jungle? The Little Mermaid shaving off her hair, substituting cockle-bra for nose stud and re-christening herself something like "Jamie" or "Shane"? Miley Cyrus poledancing at childrens awards? Oh no, sorry, that last one already happened.

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