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Activist adonises

Two boys dream for a better future

Upon pressing play we're greeted by a scantily-clad fresh faced youth expressing indignance at the fact that Youtube keeps deleting his semi-naked dancing videos. We're indignant too now - no-one should be deprived of a chance to see those pectoral muscles, never mind the baby python that seems to be lurking in those decidedly daring white shorts. But the premise of this video is interesting; he claims the source of his numerous online reprimands is a kind of inverse sexism, backing this up by using numerous, far more explicit videos of women dancing as examples. To really thrust his point home, he and his strong silent companion stick on Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls and proceed to grinningly engage in a series bare-torsoed pelvic rotations, arse wiggles and general gratuitous homoeroticism. They have a breathless, giggling wrestling match halfway through verse 2 for god's sake. Is this feminism? In what is fast becoming known as an era of free-thinking, protest, and individualism, is this a sign that the youth of our society are becoming insightful enough to stand up and make statements against the evils of discrimination, bigotry, and generalisation? Actually, we don't know. We're confused. Sorry but there's too much bare skin, it's all very exciting and we don't care about politics right now, we just want more of the lovely boy with his crisp white shorts and his crisp white smile.

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