SALTYLIPS: Queer Mancunian pop duo

Controversial lyrics, hurrah!

Are you ready? Here it goes: “The Government have told me you all have AIDS.”

Don’t fret; not categorically true. It’s only the catchy electro number from gay Mancunian duo SALTYLIPS. We like them, not because they sound a little bit like The Flying Lizards via Rihanna, but because we think their message amongst all that SMIZE melarky is rather a splendid one.

They’ve done a song and they’ve called it Happy Valentines Day, it’s all about gay blood donation discrimination and we think it’s a ruddy good way of getting you lot trying to conquer this whole world domination thaang.

Their singing is alright but we much prefer it when they gallop around tossing glitter at unsuspecting audience folk, furry goggles in tow.

This here is their Myspace, off you pop.

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