Dylan Jones

Brendan Maclean's talent is Practically Wasted

Adorable Antipodean Youtuber Alert

Even if his fringe is a bit dodgy and he sometimes wears those bizarre headband things. But actually he's lovely, he does covers of Lady Gaga on the ukelele and sometimes waves a kitten around. We also quite like the Freddie Mercury meets Shoreditch trust fund hippy look he has going on. Sans headband though. He even has his own music video which, according to its Youtube tagline, was created entirely by volunteers on a negligible budget. The video for Practically Wasted is great fun. It could easily rate above various monstrosities world-famous superstars have come out with over the years (a somewhat unstable pop princess we won't name staggering around a seedy poledancing club and asking increasingly traumatised viewers to "give her more" springs to mind here). Anyway, Practically Wasted is original, creative, and surprisingly un-amateurish. There are also moustaches, drag queens, and naked jugglers, so that's a bonus.

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