GTea Break

This might not be the Monday treat you were expecting

But we bring you one half of Jedward. In a catsuit.

The title alone of this soon-to-be-viral Youtube campfest is enough to send shivers of contempt down the spine of any self-respecting Daily Mail reading BNP voter. As if that wasn't enough, there's red spandex and, of course, the trademark twink quiffs. It's one of those things you really shouldn't be attracted to - like Phillip Schofield or 3am cheesy chips. Actually it's a bit like that tram crash in Coronation Street. One of those devastating, mesmerising things in life so awful and wonderful and tacky and brilliant you can't look away.

Funsized410's eloquent comment sums up what we're all secretly thinking; "why is this not the highest quality imaginable. there are some things I'd like a better view of thanks."

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