That Friday Feeling

Like we need an excuse to drink

So we're getting to the end of day, get me a drink i'll-have-it-in-my-mug-it's-fine time of day, and a recipe for a Gingertini lands in our inbox. Perfect. It also reminds us of our second favourite new website, RANDOM GINGE.

Looking at the picture, we though the garnish was a bit of pasta, but it is presumably some fancy schmancy ginger.Basically, bung the following lot in with some crushed ice and shake it shake it shake it like a polaroid picture.

50ml Russian Standard Vodka
15ml Dry Vermouth
Lemon twist
Slice of fresh ginger.

Then strain it and make the ginger look like pasta. Bad-da! Obviously if you are in an office and drinking these out of a mug, you'll probably want to ditch the garnish.

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