Rubbered up and ready to go

The Gee Spot 11.02.2011

I’m really excited at the moment; I’m getting loads of sex. I know sex for the most part is not all that fulfilling, but as I’ve gotten older and put on weight I’ve felt a bit shit about myself, but finally I’ve come to terms with it. With that has come confidence and with confidence comes attraction – from other people. I’m getting so many offers for sex that I seem to be busy all the time.

Tonight I’m going to Expectations near Old Street and buying myself a rubber surf suit. I’m taking along tonight’s date, then going for drinks and finally back to mine to get rubbered up and fuck like rabbits (or seals). Then tomorrow an old friend of mine from Leeds is coming over for a day/night session. He’s a really hot black guy with the fattest cock I’ve ever tried to swallow. He reminds me a lot of Tank from Real Urban Men (pictured above). He’s in the forthcoming title Hardcore in Harlem (Tank that is) out next month and he’s also the star of last month’s release Keep it Real which is also available online at

Also out this week in the world of porn is Banged up Hard, the amazing new title from UKNakedMen. It’s full of hot sex and rough men and boys including the big-dicked Matt Hughes. Seeing that thing banging into anyone is enough to make my eyes water, let alone the poor bottom boy. I don’t think I could take an 11-inch cock… hmmm!

I love fucking in rubber; the feel, the smell, the look – all very sensual and stimulating as well as feeling really naughty and fucking hot. Toys seem to come into play more as well when you’re in rubber. There’s an 11-incher on prowler’s website so you can find out how Matt Hughes would feel inside you… but for me I think I’ll stick to my Rude-Boy – it’s more fitting somehow!

For all you rubber guys out there and all you perverted skinheads, are holding a Skins & Rubber party in Islington next Friday. Seeing as I’ll have my shiny new rubber suit, I may have to make an appearance. I love the Recon parties, they’re always loads of fun and I’m really excited about seeing this new venue right behind Angel Tube.

On a more somber note, my Dad had a heart attack today. He’s going to be ok but he’s only 52 and it’s given me a real fright. It also made me realise that life really is short and every day should count. So get out there and enjoy yourself - life is for living!

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