Karaoke with H from Steps

It's a glamourous life

Yes, thats what we get up to of an evening. Just down from the London Eye is the Namco Station, a trashbag paradise packed full of arcade games, slot machines, bowling alleys, bumper cars and our personal favourites - dance dance revolution machines. We got 2 A's and a B on standard and if there was one in the office we would get NO WORK DONE.

And now, ontop of all the usual slot machine larks, there's a private Namoke karaoke booth. It was all we could do not to steal the "Ra ma mamama" Lady Gaga speech bubble. And at the launch party this week, H from Steps kicked things off with a nostalgic rendition of Tragedy. Their choice of song.

Remind yourselves over here, as Steps basically soundtracked out coming out process. Good times. There were no dreads, and a lot less make up, but it was still a touching moment. Steps - we will not forget.

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