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The Gee Spot 04.02.2011

That’s right, I’ve been paid – and we all know what that means… it’s time to go out, get tanked up and be as promiscuous as possible. (Or at least until the beer buzz wears off.)

Tonight I have a guy coming over to mine who I’ve been chatting to on Recon quite a bit. Couple of beers, shag and then on my PS3 by 10pm – sorted! Tomorrow I’m in talks with a new studio to possibly start directing porn (watch out Spielberg… if he did porn of course) and then tomorrow night, some of the lads from work and myself are going out on the town and then down to XXL to continue till the early hours. (I’m so gonna be skint again by Monday morning.) If you do see me out and about this weekend, come over and say hi. That's me pictured above.

I’ve not been going out this week, which has given me loads of time to catch up on all the latest porn offerings that have just been released. Revenge is the new film from US studio Cocky Boys. After a stint in prison, Sebastian Young is out of jail and straight back into porn. This awesome serving from those hot, tattooed hunks is action-packed and full of rough guys who like it hard. We actually get to see Seb taking a huge cock up his hole. Bel Ami has also released an amazing film featuring their top model, Dolph Lambert. Beautifully filmed, superb sex scenes and a real insight into the life of a supermodel, The Private Life of Dolph Lambert is a brilliant film to add to that ever increasing collection.

And if you need a Bel Ami fix, stat – then get yourself on to and check out a whole library of beautiful Bel Ami boys just waiting for you to drool over them.

The Prowler January sale is over (boo) but if you’re in the market for new knickers then you’re in luck, as the DKNY sale starts this evening. They look really cool and are going for a song. Speaking of songs, you can teach yourself how to hit the high notes with the new Dirk Yates range. Is that a missile up your arse or are you just pleased to see me?

I was thinking about my sexcapades the other night; I go through waves of hardly any or even no sex for months and then something clicks and I need it all the time. That being said, I still crave love and affection more than cock and ass. Although I won’t be looking for love or affection in XXL this weekend – it’s all about the beer, boys and bouncing around to The Freemasons… I love being gay!

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