GT takes a trip down the pink carpet

Celebrity stalking en masse.

It’s not often that Team GT get to collectively bother the glitterati in the name of journalism – we’re normally so busy with our gay agenda that we have to fan out across town to cover everything (we say that, what we actually mean is we’re normally too busy pouring out our sorrows over a bottle of wine in some Kentish Town boozer).

But last night actually saw three of us in the same room together in the name of gay journalism (gournalism). And oh what a gay day it was – all to honour the West End debut of pint-sized American actor Leslie Jordan. If you can’t be bothered to look him up, you’ll most likely know him from Will & Grace and Ugly Betty. So ANYWAY, Leslie’s one-man show, My Trip Down The Pink Carpet, was the place to be – that place being the Apollo Theatre, London, details HERE. Obligatory details for his lovely PR aside lets talk CELEBS.

“Lets do a lap before we commit,” says the youngest member of Team GT, thinking he’s Alicia Silverstone. Cut to two hours later and he’s hanging off EastEnders and Beautiful People star Tameka Empson. Tameka – who we’ve often ‘bothered’ at events (she loves it!) – decided to lean against a wall to punctuate a point. Said wall was actually a door and she promptly fell into a cupboard. LOVE. HER.

We also stalked Helen Lederer and Celia Imrie (both being afforded their relative quota of Absolutely Fabulous lines), stared in awe at Amanda Barrie (she had a box just in front of us at the theatre and occasionally popped her head out like a Bad Girls muppet, to great squeals of delight from GT) and peered suspiciously into the glass of Harry from The Only Way Is Essex to check that it was indeed a soft drink.

Louis Spence sashayed about a bit, Paul O’Grady looked very swish and Daniel Boys was as lovely as ever.

Amazingly we didn’t scare Faye Tozer off, even when one of us showed her phone pictures that we had of Jon Lee’s bottom (don’t ask…) “I’m a fag hag!” she laughed as she disappeared into the night, kissing us all on the cheek. (Face cheek, by the way).

We couldn’t tell you what THEY all thought of Leslie’s show but WE loved it. If you love your comedy camp and your stories gay it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s heartfelt and hilarious and at times downright bitchy (LOVE. HER.) so we’d advise you take a trip down the pink carpet yourself while you get the chance – girl’s only in town till 19 February y’all.

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