GTea Break

Patrick Wolf won't let the city destroy his love

But he has let Richard X play with his hits.

New song! New video! New hair! New... instrument. What is that? Anyway, the video:

We rather like this song. We really rather like the Richard X remix which the website Arjan Writes is hosting for free which is well worth downloading (it should keep you going until the single comes out on 14 MARCH - AVAILABLE IN ALL GOOD BOOKSHOPS, ETC). Arjan - we totally would.

You simply cannot go wrong with a Richard X remix. Much like a bang on Fred Falke remix, except they always end up sounding the same, non?

Finally, here are some cut and pasted tour dates. We know it doesn't make it any less lazy or amusing or witty to point out the fact they are cut an pasted, but there is simply no other way to communicate this information.

21-Mar Dublin Sugar Club

23-Mar Glasgow Oran Mor

24-Mar Nottingham Rescue Rooms

25-Mar Birmingham Academy

26-Mar Manchester Club Academy

28-Mar Bristol Thekla

29-Mar London Koko

Oh hang on, it's all over here

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