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The Gee Spot 28.01.2011

Unless you’re unlucky enough to get paid on the last day of the month (yep, Monday for me) today is payday. After six weeks eating only beans on toast you can finally get out of the house and blow a month’s wage in a weekend. (I’ll be staying in with my beans!)

Luckily, Prowler stores have kept their sale going an extra week so you can still pick up those January bargains with February’s pay packet. And for one week only, there’s a half price Calvin Klein sale happening on the website. I’ve actually reserved mine for when I get paid cause I’m sure many of them will sell out this weekend, so get in fast as they are a real bargain. I love the blue ones and am definitely getting the green Brazil ones. Also Rush aroma is back and now available online and in stores across the country – so rush to get it. (Sorry, had to be done!)

My porn script went down a storm last week and the first of the new Euroboy films goes into production next month. I’ve was involved in the model selection and I know you’re gonna cream yourselves when you see these lads.

But back to present day porn; Keep it Real has finally been released. I say finally because I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this film for ages. The men are HOT and the sex is heart poundingly exciting. New York harbors some really well hung black men and the main man; Tank is not only huge but also seriously hot. The film is in stores now and online at

And for all you size queens, here’s another title you’ll be wanting, this time from Rudeboiz. Sweaty Sports Scallies is a collection of hot, young lads with massive cocks and tight arses and is available in store now.

I’ve switched back to the iPhone as I wasn’t happy with my other mobile. One of the first things I download was Mini Gay Boyfriend as the whole office has been talking about it. It’s pretty good fun, you have to lavish attention onto your virtual boyfriend and keep the relationship alive. If only I could do that in real life.

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