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Kathy Griffin.

What do we want? A UK TOUR When do we want it? NOW

We've spent this morning on twitter raving about Kathy Griffin, mainly because we've been catching up on My Life On The D-List and realising what an amazingly funny, motivated and brilliant woman Kathy Griffin is. There are countless moments of amazingness, and she can't go through a single show or stand up gig without a big loving shout out to "Her Gays".

In amongst all her comedy gold, she manages to advocate gay rights in a touching and humane way, and without wanting to lay on too many superlatives and making you all vomit, we want to pay tribute some how. Here is one of her more serious moments:

It appears we're not the only ones, so if you - like us - want to see Kathy do a tour of the UK, make sure you let her know on twitter.

And tell her we sent you.

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