Are there really scripts for porn?

The Gee Spot 21.01.2011

I wrote my first porn script today. I tried to keep the chat to a minimum and the sex really hot. The producers will now take the script and re-work it to suit the actors and bang – we have a porn film. So exciting. I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but it will be for a brand new release from Euroboy. So all you guys who love your young, cute boys – a new wave will be with us in the next few months.

Obviously the news of a script for porn has spawned a huge list of comments from my friends on Facebook including “there are scripts for porn?” and many suggested comedy titles including lots of Disney knock-offs. (My friends know me far too well!) Firstly I’d like to say that for most premium porn films you will find a script knocking around on set. A plot adds an element of realism that draws you into the action much more than your standard suck n fuck. Obviously don’t give these guys too much to say as we’re not making the next Gladiator picture (mmmm, that would make a hot porn film… note to self) but some kind of subtext is very horny. Also, I would never write a script with a knock-off Disney title; that’s just wrong!

So today’s DVD selection comes from porn that actually has strong storylines – and are all the better for it.

Black Ty Affair (Real Urban Men) This is one of the funniest films I’ve seen whilst still keeping the action so incredibly hot. Gorgeous black men, huge dicks and a powerful narrative gets you coming back over and over again. You can get a copy of the DVD in store or download it from

Super Sexy Triple Pack (AYOR) This is an absolute bargain. There are three complete films in this box set on three discs and all of them feature hot twinks in great storylines. The DVD came out today so get yourself to the store and buy it.

Gentlemen (MenAtPlay) The film itself doesn’t run as one, but every scene (and I think there are eight of them) run as their own mini movies - taking the hottest guys in the world and putting them into some seriously erotic stories. There’s a great combination of fetish and action to whet everyone’s appetite. My favourite porn star Pedro Andreas is also in this film. (Above.) If you can still grab a copy (wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve sold out), the DVD was released last month.

And for all you fetish fans out there, Prowler has started selling a range of hot leather numbers online. Jocks , harness and even wallets are there - all of which I have in my wardrobe… seriously!

I’ve been invited out to The Backstreet tonight (sleazy leather bar in East London) but I’m so poor until I get paid I haven’t be able to go out all month. Instead I’m having a day at the museums tomorrow (they’re free in London) and a big dinner on Sunday. Don’t worry though; I’m planning a big sleazy weekend out after I get paid… any offers?

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