GTea Break

A video featuring sequins and in completely unrelated news, our opinion on a new Lady Gaga track.

We give you Sequin Burn by Scarlett Etienne

Some random word association for you (which by default is not at all random, but things that spring to mind when watching this video):

Betty Boo.

Christina Aguilera in the Fighter video minus several hundred thousand dollars.

Topshop 2008.

Minty. Dolly Rockers. Any given live band at The Ghetto (RIP).

Dance improvisation in a black box studio.

In fact it feels a bit weird hearing a song like this and not being in soho/shoreditch, not being in a dark room and not having a free drink in our hands. Which is generally when we hear these kind of things.


That Gaga album track at a fashion show thingie.... Our opinion: Lady Gaga is the new Chicks On Speed.

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