It's not advertorial if we've actually used it...

And we have.

Many's the evening where your GT team are off to the heady hights of showbiz glamour (and chasing canapes) in pursuit of the celebrity gossip you BEG us for (that's our excuse and we're sticking to it) but just don't have time to get home and freshen up.

So there's equally as many the evening where at Gay Towers you'll hear the cry of 'chuck us a wetwipe'. EXCEPT IT'S NOT A WETWIPE, OK? It's actually a Wingman deodorising wipe. And, well, it does exactly what it says on the packet. You don't even have to go to the bathroom to use it. Yes, we're all class. Then it's a little spray of Kylie Inverse (for the gay on the go) and we're off.

They fit in your manbag/purse/whatever and you can get them (exclusively) from Boots. Or if you pick up the latest issue of GT in Tesco you'll find a free pack attached to the lovely cover. But now that we've written about it we'll be expecting some more for free. What do you mean 'pay'?

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