A picture of our breakfast.

(Ok, it's the Royal Academy of Art's Modern British Sculpture exhibition)

This morning we went to MODERN BRITISH SCULPTURE, to explore what is modern, what is British and what is sculpture. And we found some surprising things.

Firstly, BRICKS. Bricks doth sculpture make, as does any amount of rubbish arranged in neat piles. Some of these look lovely, some of them less so. This is art.

Secondly there is an impressive and imposing Adam sculpture with a big red marble member swaying in the wind. It is so shocking they had to place large soft furnishings in the room, and indeed there was a woman in need of smelling salts sat upon it.

Thirdly the show stealing centre piece by Damien Hirst (*checks notes* called 'lets eat outdoors today') is amazing. We couldn't stop staring at it, as it is packed full of flies. It's disgusting and horrid and utterly compelling. We went back and looked at it three times. And one of the flies either got out - or got into the gallery - and was hopping around on Sarah Lucas' Portable Smoking Machine. We had to go back and look at that again to check the progress of the fly.

Modern British Sculpture opens on Saturday 22 January - 7 April,

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