GT DATE: New Year's resolution NO. 1

Find 'the one' in 2011...

You know what they say - new year, new you. But what tops the list of new year’s resolutions among single gay guys for 2011? Well, you might have guessed it, a staggering 80% said that they are determined to find the love of their lives...

Well, it seems that 2010 was a quiet one in the love stakes for us boys, with 47% admitting that they haven’t had a relationship in over 3 years. Yet a great majority of gay men we researched were actively looking for a serious long term relationship last year.

Like the UK economy, there is a distinct lack of confidence - in fact, 68% say that they doubt they will ever meet someone that’s right for them.

So, this begs the question as to what has held them back from finding the love of their life?
42% claim that they’re ‘shy’, 31% aren’t confident they’ll attract the right people, 32% lack trust, 29% say they’re ‘fussy’ and have high expectations and 21% claim to be ‘just too busy’.

Yet, industry research has shown that a staggering 87% claimed to have used online dating sites over the last 12 months. So why isn’t the rate of success higher for our UK boys? The major insight from this is that the market is saturated with ‘hook-up sites’ or ones that don’t provide enough detail for their members to make a truly informed decision.

It seems from what our guys are saying above, they’re finding that locating a truly compatible partner is a real issue in the busy dating marketplace. Having something in common with a prospective partner is quite a recipe for success. By knowing whether or not someone is compatible before a first date, means the chances of success, future dates and ultimately long-lasting relationships is maximised.

“Gay guys, particularly in cities, are time-poor and like everything else in their lives, they much rather ‘get to the point’ quickly - the problem is that in my busy working life, I have little opportunity to date - and when I get the chance, they haven’t been quite right, or in some cases they’ve been disastrous. I think this is because my ability to select a date is sometimes based on more shallow traits - like whether he’s good looking. With most dating sites, all you’ve got to go by is ‘vital statistics’ - how ‘cock-size’ has anything to do with finding my perfect match is beyond me, but maybe it’s just me”, says James, a 34 year old lawyer from London who has had a string of casual affairs, but not found ‘the one’.

But it seems that with a fresh start in 2011, guys are ready to buck this trend. Don't get us wrong, we're sure any red-blooded gay guy will want to have some fun along the way, but research is showing that this is the year to make that seemingly elusive relationship happen.

So get out there, boys... we wish you all the very best of luck in love this new year.

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