Gay Erotic Fiction Face-off

We get sent A LOT of gay erotic fiction.

Too much to print it all in the mag each month, and since we got these two titles (released on the same day by the same publishing house) we thought we'd have a gayfaceoff.

ROUND ONE, hanging to the left...

TITLE: Big Holiday Packages

TAGLINE: What will Santa leave in your stocking?


RANDOM QUOTE: "He just dropped to his knees and took that big dick into his mouth and started sucking as if he were starving for air and Marvin's tool provided oxygen."

BEST STORY TITLE: Santa's Fuckshop.

MOST INAPPROPRIATE BIT: the story called A Jew For All Seasons.

TIMELINESS: Christmas erotic fiction released on 27 January. Go figure.

ERECTIONOMETER: Festively flaccid.

ROUND 2, hanging to the right...

TITLE: Huge 3

TAGLINE: They're so big - it took three volumes to make them fit!


RANDOM QUOTE: "Before long I felt that familiar clench in my guts, and my pisshole dilated wildly as the first spurts of hot cream shot up into the air."

BEST STORY TITLE: Prom Night: The More The Merrier.

MOST INAPPROPRIATE BIT: A story called The Slave Trade (you can see where that fantasy is going) the slave gets shot in the end, with the line "That was sure freeing the slaves!"

TIMELINESS: Editors Note: "Most of the stories appearing in this book take place prior to the years of The Plague" - so, 6th, 7th century? (he obviously goes on to advocate safe sex, peoples. we're using humour)

ERECTIONOMETER: An awkward, un-PC semi.

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